Wednesday, April 7, 2010

come on now.

here are crafts I made.

here is the word of the day
gas what it means.




  1. I LOVE your crafts Hayley. You are so talented. I'm going to look up your word of the day so I can be smarter. :) I miss you guys so much. Did you know I have a daughter that is your age? Her name is Lilly. So, she would be your 2nd cousin? She is actually your mommy's cousin. She's in Kindergarten too. Maybe you can be pen pals. Write her a letter. It's good writing practice. Just like typing. Good job on your blog.

  2. Hayley! Your blog is fantastic! I love the background, the pictures you posted and your excitement! I look forward to future posts! We love you!!!!!

  3. Hey Hayley! I love your blog! you have made some pretty cool things! And you are one lucky girl... you have such a great mom!!!

  4. Hayley, we are soo excited to read your new blog! What a smart mom you have to help you out with it. How lucky. I just might do the same thing for Brook, I think.....because she would probably love it too!

    Good luck with your new school!!! You'll do great!

    Steph, Bre, Brook, Mia and Maser

  5. Hayley, I really love all of your craft projects. You are very talented. I can't wait to see more. Love you!
    Aunt Tami